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About us

PROGRESSUS Research & Counselling IKE is a Greek startup company focusing on scientific transnational research and studies mainly in the fields of non-formal education, lifelong learning, skills development, labour market integration and career guidance, social inclusion, and human resource development

Target groups and mission

PROGRESSUS areas of interest focus on skills needs identification, career planning, mentoring, social integration and entrepreneurship. Our research, counseling and training activities are targeted to children, adolescents, students and adults, including also NEETs, the unemployed, early school leavers, the disabled and other social vulnerable and marginalised groups.

Main mission and goals include the following:

– Elaboration and application of specialized programs for children, youth and adults, so as to develop soft, transversal, social and civic competencies.

– Application of modern methods and digital technologies for the development of career guidance and counseling.

 – Development of training material and further training provision to education, career guidance, mentoring professionals and labour market integration specialists.

– Promotion of transnational research and cooperation on the issues of individual work/personal life balance, social participation and behaviour, so as to enhance individual well-being and professional performance as well as social justice for the benefit of human capital and organizations.

– Construction, validation, standardization and publication of psychometric instruments as well as the development of novel educational tools and methodologies for trainers, educators, psychologists and social scientists.